Wired Racing Track Sensors Shield Set: Pre-Stage-Stage-60ft-1000ft & Finish



Wired Racing Track Sensors Shield Set includes: Pre-Stage-Stage-60ft-1000ft & Finish Shield modules and Data Cables for those wishing a Wired Track Sensor set-up vs a Wireless track Sensor set-up.

Simply plug in the included data cables that are set for a Standard R/C 1/10 Scale length Race Track of 132 ft. You will get 1-Pre-Stage, 1-Staged, 1-60ft, 1-1000ft, & 1-FINISH Shield Modular. You must order the IR Track Sensor Beam and Detector to plug into these Shields. Once they are plugged in, the Shields will send the Data from the track Sensors down the data cables to the Main Base DIA Unit and record RT-60ft-1000ft- & ET Times as well as MPH/KPH. If you wish Longer Data cables please call in, or order length needed from Cable Section. More detailed photos coming once release is out.

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