Wireless Racing Track Sensor System


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DIA has done what no other company in the world has done !  The Worlds only Wireless Racing Track System (WRTS) with up to 12 Channels and the lowest power consumption around. Our Wireless Racing track Sensor System is an Add-on to our DIA main unit, the WRTS sits on top of the main DIA unit, and you simply plug in the 4P4C Data cables in to matching ports. The WRTS is powered by the main DIA unit so no other power source is needed. You Must use a minimum of 2 x Wireless TX Sensor Sending units (60ft & Finish) to allow the WRTS to operate. You can mix both wired & wireless sensors with the WRTS.

The system uses a Low Frequency prototypical of 433mhz or 866mhz for sending detected signals from the IR Track Sensors and sends that signal to the main Base hub.The track Sensor Transmitters use 2 x AA rechargeable batteries and the Solar panel on the units will keeps the batteries charged, but we do recommend charging with a NiMh Charger (sold separately). You first need to order 1 x Main Wireless Receiver Base Hub it includes 12 x Data cables. Next pick the number of Wireless TX Units you wish to use on your track. 1 Unit will accept both L & R IR Detector sensors. Example: for 1/10 Scale Drag Racing we recommend: Main Base Hub, Pre-Stage-Stage, 60ft, 1000ft, & Finish sensors. You will get 1 x Wireless TX unit per each selection for R-L lanes. You will need a 1000ft & Finish sensor if you wish a SPEED TRAP at end of track, otherwise the DIA unit will use the STAGE & FINISH sensors to give a estimated MPH/KPH. If you wish the whole package: Base hub, 5 x Wireless TX units then select the Complete Package deal. Next you must order the Sensors to go with each Wireless TX unit. Example:  1 x Wireless TX unit + IR Beam 60ft & Finish Sensors IR Detector set. If unsure how to use this system please click HERE for description page.  Please order the Sensors here.

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Main Base Receiver Hub, Pre-Stage & Stage, 60ft, 330/660ft, 1000ft, Finish, Complete Package