Worlds Only All Scale Race Timing and Starting Light System. From Hot Wheels® to Full on Street Racing. This is the worlds only all Scale system.


Your DIA System Update:  2/1/2023

The Drag-It-Anywhere® System is now Available to the World. Please select from the SHOP drop down and select the SLOT CAR TIMING SYSTEMS > DIA PARTS section to order your DIA unit Now !

Circuit Programmers NEEDED Please call for information.

1/10 Scale and Up Updates:

NEW No-Prep RC  1/10th and up Wired Track Sensors are under tests now, so please be patient. As for Wireless Track Sensors, new Antennas added to units and range test passed. Now testing for reliability. If all test are passed we will start assembly of units and should release for sale in 3-4 weeks.

The following has to be done before we release the 1/10 and up packages:

1. 36″ Trees build and tested  √ Done

2. New NoPrep Tree Shield tested   √ Done

3. IR Wireless Track Sensors  Antennas now work  up to 650 ft, ordering parts to make 10 units for Field test for range of operation and selectable frequencies. Speed Trap MPH/KPH accuracy must be fine tuned and code corrections if needed. PLEASE do NOT order any parts separately as if changes need to be made on an item you would have to return it for upgrad so wait till the compleat package is available. See info page HERE !

4. Full test of all above parts tested and release new video of operation.

Due to delays we have also started on a WIRED Track sensor for 1/10 and up, it should be out soon (Currently waiting PCB boards to come in)

The DIA unit and all parts are for sale now for 1/24 scale and smaller so feel free to order on-line

NOTE: If you have problems during Check Out, Please call order in 435-472-4205

Any updates will be available for your DIA which can be downloaded on our Update page.

We hope this long awaited Slot Car and Drag Racing System will be the best around.


Operating Hours & Number:

M-F:   8AM-4PM   CMT   USA



Offering FREE DIA Package to anyone who has the Guts to Take out Da Fuhrer !

The Drag-it-Anywhere® Timing System was designed for the serious Slot Car to Full Size Drag Racer in mind.

The man himself Todd “The Rod” took 40 years to come up with all the best that every other timing system around had and combined it into one magnificent system.

This Timing system combines a Starting Light program for Drag and Lap Racing with a Reaction Time, Elapsed Time, Speed, and Thermal Printing “Time Slip” unit, but he didn’t stop there. He added a LAP Racing System as well. Now you can have it all in one unit. We designed it to work with all Scales of racing from 1/64 to Full on size Track & Street racing.

Now the Developers of this system offer it to the world, so be the first to enjoy real track action.