Welcome to the FORMU-LIGHTS ® Racing System

What is the FORMU-LIGHTS® System ? It’s an all in one Starting and Lap counting unit. It was designed for Formula F1, NASCAR, Lap, Circle track and more.


Formu-Lights® is the worlds only 1/64 to 1/24 Scale Formula F1 Starting system that has the most realistic look and feel of real racing action. Our Starting Light Display features True Formula F1  Starting sequence with Yellow Caution –Red Countdown – and Green Start. With full buzzer sounds to boot !

The Formu-Lights® package includes 4 x Photoresistor Sensors that you mount below your track surface to detect the cars alignment on the track. Next select the number of LAPS you wish to race, the # will be shown on the LED display. As the cars line up for the start, the Formu-Lights® unit will detect the number of cars for a race. Then the Red Countdown lights will start 1-2-3-4-5 to GO !!!!!  If a car should leave early the system will show a Yellow light Foul and the race will reset. But if all the car leave on GREEN then the unit will display on the LED Display the number of laps remaining and display the winning Lane #.

The unit if powered by a 5 vdc power adapter or battery system. You can race from 1 to 4 cars.