This page will help provide answers to the most asked questions on our Products. If you did not find an answer please e-mail us at:

1. Why is the DIA Starting Tree cost so much ?    A: No other maker is making these detailed Starting Trees in both 1/64 scale to 1/24 scales. The work involved in SMD parts and wiring takes time to produce such a detailed Tree and board, so the cost is appropriate, and all parts are MADE IN AMERICA !

2. Why is the cost of the DIA unit so High ?     A: Unlike other Timing systems on the market, the DIA unit combines not only a Full scale Starting system from 1/87 scale up to Full on Street and Track racing, we also combine both LAP and Drag Racing Starting programs all in one package. The SMD components package was not east to produce, but we kept the package small for weight and usability. No other maker has the modes we do for this all in one system.

3. Can I use my own sensors for my track ?      A: As long as your sensors use 5 VDC you can use them, just set on our main menu sections for HIGH or LOW detection based on your sensor output. HIGH means that the sensor is Seeing a HIGH input when open and when a car passes the Sensor then the signal goes LOW.

4. If I live in another country other then USA, can I still use this unit ?      A: Sure can ! We designed the DIA unit to run off 12 VDC, so you can use your own power source as long at it supplies up to 2 Amps output. This means you can run off Battery, Wall power, and even our Solar kit for outdoor events.

5. Will the displays show true scale speed ?      A: Speed is a constant at any scale, so if running a Hot Wheel® or Street Car, the formula for speed is speed = distance ÷ time. So our system will show real speed at any scale. We wrote in a formula to create a Speed curve based on NHRA ET and MPH times to best represent a more accurate result.

6. Can I use a larger Results Display ?     A: We are working on making a Display Shield that will allow for Larger Displays other than the Displays we sell so check back later.

8. Do you offer Reseller discounts on the system ?     A: Yes we do, but we require a 4 pc minimum order for dealers.

9. Can I use my own Slot car controller with the DIA system ?     A: We do not use any controllers with the system, the DIA unit is mainly a Starting Display and Timing system so use what ever controller you wish with your Track.

10. Do I have to order and use all the sensors ?     A: NO !  If you only wish to have a Start & Finish Sensor then you can do that, this way you can time Pinewood Derby cars, Hot Wheels®, Slot cars, Bike Races, Foot Races, RC Cars, or Politicians Running from the White House ! You must order our Sensor By-Pass plugs if only using Start & Finish races.

11. Do I need to purchase the Thermal Printer ?   A: NO !  The Thermal Printer is only needed if you wish to keep track of Race results for Clubs and Events. It will print out a “Time Slip” showing all details of the Race.

12. Is there a warranty on your products ?   A: Yes we cover the main DIA unit and Displays for 90 days after purchase.

13. Can I use your unit for NASCAR Slot Tracks ?    A: YES, you can use the Formula Display to start any LAP racing. Set your # of Laps and the sensors will auto detect the # of cars on the track. It will show at end of race winning lane and best times.

14. Will there be updates to the program ?  A: Yes there may be updated versions if we find any errors or cooler additions. You will have to send back the main DIA box only for upgrade reprogramming or use our UPDATE page for downloading our HEX file to easily install into your DIA unit at home.