Who we are.

Our website address is: http://dragitanywhere.com. And we are the newest Slot Car and Full Size Racing Start/Timing developers on the market. Supplying Race fans some of the newest designs around.

Slot Cars and their history

Back in 1912 the first slot cars were introduced by the Lionel Train Company as an accessory for model train sets. The toy worked on a similar concept as Lionel’s trains, running on a pair of raised platforms with an electrified train track in a small trench down the middle. After the 1960s different brands of slot car makers came out such as: – Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric, SCX, Afx, Artin, Fly, NSR, Revell, etc. Europe has always kept slot car going strong. Scalextric and SCX have to use different names depending on where they are sold at. All the cars work on all the tracks. By 1965 Aurora had sold over 25 million HO slot cars. Current manufacturers can only dream of such sales. Aurora bought K&B in 1965 to get a share on the 1/32-market. Aurora started to produce in the same year some models on that scale, but it was a flop. The models were not competitive. Aurora called these models A-jets. The “A” stood for American. The American models carried an American flag sticker on the doors, but some came without flags or stripes. Not only cars were produced but also a few Thundercycles and a Wheelie trike. Aurora’s production of 1/32-scale models ceased in 1971.

As a young racing fan, Todd “The Rod” decided at a young age to find a way to produce the most realistic Slot Car racing system around. So after years of learning electronics, mechanics, and computer programing, he over the years developed the Drag-It-Anywhere® System.

How it came about

Unlike other race timing and starter systems, “The Rod” combined all the best and removed the worst in what he found to be perfect for all scales and race classes. Of course his favorite class was Drag Racing. But also NASCAR and FORMULA F1 Racing.

So why not incorporate them all into one system ?   So he and his A-Team design crew did it !

Drag-It-Anywhere® System

How it works

NHRA®, IRHA®, NASCAR®, FORMULA F1®, and other race professionals need an exact timing system to measure not only the cars position at the start of a race, but to record the Reaction Time (RT) and Elapse Time (ET) and Speed of a car. Add to that the rules within that to show when a driver “Hole-shots”, “Fouls” or “Breaks-Out” during a race. So after years of work perfecting a system that could capture this information as well as allow for all Scales from 1/87 to Full scale racing is not easy. But We Did It !

The System is mostly designed for Slot Car Racing from 1/87 to 1/24th scale but can be used up to Full on Street and Professional Track Racing & RC 1/12 to 1/2 scales . So it allows for Pinewood Derby timing, RC Car & Truck Tracks, Bicycle Races, Outlaw Street Car Racing, and Pro Track Racing. The secret is in the design allowing one to use most any sensor from small Photocells sensors up to full on Pro Track sensors. The incorporation of a Thermal printer allows one to print of a “Time Slip” for car performance evaluation and proof of Win after a race.

Priced for every age

Knowing that electronics are low cost and most companies gouge the customer to cover design time, we decided to keep the sale price of the unit down in hopes that we could sell more to every age and Slot Car Racing Club around the world. Sure we could quadruple the price, but that ends up causing bad karma to a business. So we hope that you agree to what we feel is a fair price for such a sweet system and Add-On Components. Check out the prices of other companies and you’ll see for what we offer it is the best price around. Please tell everyone about us to help an American Business and workers stay afloat and keep the Pedal to the Metal !

Contact us by clicking here >> Dragitanywhere@etv.net

Sincerely . . . . . . Todd “The Rod” & Pit Crew