This page will help you update code to your Drag-It-Anywhere® Main Unit. Please follow the instructions listed below.


In order for you to update the code in your DIA unit you must first download the Xloader program to your computer. If you do not wish to download the program you are free to send the Main unit Only, back to our shop and we will be happy to update the program.

First Download the XLoader software.

Next plug in the USB to your PC, then plug the mini-usb to the port on the DIA Unit.

Run the executable file XLoader.exe

Select the port of the micro controller that you can find in the device manager.

Select the DEVICE as Mega(ATMENA2560)

FIRST plug in power to the DIA Main Unit, Next plug in the USB cable to your PC and then to the DIA USB port.

Select the right Baudrate. In our case, 115200.

Then select the HEX file at the location where you saved it.

Look for the DIA_Main_Vxx.hex  file that we sent you via e-mail

Select the port you plugged the DIA unit USB cable into.

You can then press “Upload” to upload the file to the DIA unit.

After Upload the DIA should Reboot and beep. Unplug the DIA unit and you should be good to go with the new update free of errors.

If you are having trouble please e-mail or call us.

You can also review the Xloader page for help


Below is the most recent updates for the Drag-It-Anywhere® Main Unit.

Please click on the most recent HEX file and Upload to your DIA unit. Once you download the file please unzip the file so you see a .hex file that is what you will upload to the DIA unit. 

3-13-2023 Updated MPH Based on Track length & Green Win Display