When it comes to Slot Car Racing you could purchase an AFX®, Tyco®, Scalextric®, or Carrera® track and get to it. But for the real race fan, there is nothing like a DIY layout.

This area will cover how to build your own track, cut the slot, paint, lay the braid, wire, place sensors and more on your new layout.


Setting up your Slot Car Track or any track for that matter requires that you know the correct lengths and Sensor positions. This way you will have a accurate reading of Times and MPH/KPH for your system.

Below is our specially designed graph to accurately set your Sensors depending on the Scale that you are racing.

Example:  I am Racing a 1/32 Scale Track & Car. So I would set my Stage Sensor where I wish to Pre-Stage, then my Stage Sensor a bit more of that depending on my Cars BLADE or WHEEL BASE to allow for a DEEPSTAGE Roll in. Next I would set my 60 ft Sensor 1’10-.5″ from the Stage Sensor. Next my 660 ft Sensor at 20′-7.5″, next the 1000 ft Sensor at 31′-3″ and Finally my Finish Sensor at 41′-3″