# 5 MAIN Drag-It-Anywhere® Unit


This is the main Drag-It-Anywhere® Racing system. If you wish the complete package then order the DIA Complete System. This unit will need the following to work properly:

1. Track Sensor

2. LED Starting Tree or Racing Display

3. Finish Line Display

4. Tree & Display Shields

5. Data Cables

6. Power Supply  12 vdc & 5 vdc,

This unit comes with a 12 Vdc Power supply

The Drag-It-Anywhere® Main unit has 2 modes of racing: Drag Racing which includes Bracket Racing & Heads Up styles, and LAP Racing so you can choose NASCAR®, Formula, Circle Track, and more. If you choose LAP racing  you can race from 1-4 lanes. The unit will keep track and display fastest laps and Winning lane. It will auto detect the number of cars on the track. You can set the number of Laps from 1-300. Full LED Display for Race Results, USB port for program upgrades, Reset button, Touch pad data entering. Unit will show: RT (Reaction Time), ET (Elapse Time), Real and Scaled MPH/Kph, Winning Lane.

In Drag mode, you can race 1 or 2 drivers. You select Driver Lane – Style: Bracket or Heads-Up, Dial-in time if bracket racing, Car Class, Car Scale: 1/64-1/32-1/24-Full scale,  Tree style: Full-Sport, Timing .400 or .500, and the unit will save all information for each race.  Need race results ? Then add on our Thermal Printer unit (sold separately) and it will give you a complete brake down of the race for both LAP and Drag Racing. Need more control ? Add on our Starter Keypad so you can control all functions from a distance like the PROS !

The DIA unit port are as follows, Right Side: KEYPAD, Pre-Stage, Stage, 60ft-660ft-1000ft-Finish, 12V Power, LED DISPLAY.   Left Side: Starting Tree, Pre-Stage, Stage, 60ft-660ft-1000ft-Finish, USB, Printer.

Measures:13mm W x 10mm L x 32mm H



This is the main DIA unit


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