Sprint Drag Racing Game 1965


SPRINT “Hot New Drag Race Game”, made by Mattel in 1965, game number 5421. This is 100% complete in original box. The contents of this game are in very nice shape, and include both the original cars still string mounted, 13 White Flags, 13 Yellow Flags. and the original instructions. The board lithos are very nice (see pictures). The box is in decent shape for its size and age, and will display pretty nicely (see pictures), but is not perfect. It has a couple clear taped corners and seams, and the retaining tab is ripped with a small section missing. The box measures approx. 25″ x 15″.

For 2 players, ages 7 to 100. This is one of Mattel’s more unusual games, and uses a spinner to determine placement of the flags, allowing the string to be shortened around it which in turn moves the cars towards the finish line. Makes a GREAT display piece!

Big box will take a bit more in shipping cost.



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