Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module


Specification: This is Hall Effect magnetic sensor module DC 5V for Small size and high sensitivity. Fast response temperature and good performance. Precision and high reliability. The 3144 Series Hall principle of Hall effect switch IC, using technology to produce magnetic semiconductor integrated circuit, which is determined by the voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmidt trigger, temperature compensation circuit and the collector electrode open circuit output stage consisting of magnetic sensing circuit, the input for the magnetic flux density, the output is a digital voltage signal. This section circuit pipe legs with pure tin production, the complete model is 3144EUA-S or 3144LUA-S.

Features: Brand: KEYES,  Model: KY-003, Magnetic, speed, gap induction, Suitable for Drag-It-Anywhere® systems. This sensor will output a LOW Signal to DIA unit so set DIA sensor detect to LOW !

Working voltage: DC 5V

1 x KY-003 Hall Effect magnetic sensor module



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