NEW !!! NO-PREP STARTING TREE SHIELD unit. This Shield is connected from the Main DIA unit with the 6P6C Data cable and has an DB25 Connector output for Full Lighting’s on the STARTING TREE. Shield allows for Higher Power Output vs our smaller Tree Shields, this means you can run 12 VDC bulbs up to 6 amps !   Unit is sold without DATA CABLE, you must purchase cables & and TREE unless you are purchasing Package deal which will include all cables. Simply plug 6P6C cable into back of unit, and plug DB25 cable from Tree output to No-Prep Starting Tree. Next Plug in your choice of: 12 VDC Power Supply,- Solar Panel,- 3S 5000 mah LiPo Battery or 12 V Sealed Battery.

Shield comes with 3 Adapters for each.  Unit measures: 73 L x 59 W x 21 H mm.