Drag Racing Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 35 Foot Range


Used to detect car body or wheels as they pass on racetrack. The DIA Reflective Beam Sensor with Square Reflector, 35′. The kit creates an invisible infrared beam and alerts you when the beam is broken. The sensor is housed in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure for long-term reliability wherever you install it.When connecting to the DIA® System, you would order the DIA Photoelectric Shield, then connect wires following instructions provided.


      • Reflector
      • Transmitter/Receiver
      • Sensor Mounting Bracket
      • Reflector Mounting Bracket
      • Mounting Hardware

NOTE: See Racetrack Rules for height and distance for mounting.


Technical Details

    • MPN: E-931-S35RR
    • UPC: 676544000495
    • Type: Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor
    • Sensing Range: 0.5′ to 35′ (0.1 – 11 m)
    • Voltage Supply: 12~240VDC or 24~240VAC
    • Response Time: 10ms (max.)
    • Light Source: IR LED
    • LEDs:
      • Yellow LED (Alignment)
      • Red LED (trigger)
    • Trigger Output: SPDT Relay output
    • Switching Capacity: 250VAC/1A
    • Enclosure: IP 66 Weatherproof
    • Ambient Temperature: -4°~131° F (-20°~55° C)
    • Mounting Brackets for Sensor and Reflector: Included
    • Warranty: 30 Days form time of Purchase.
    • Sold 1 Each so you need to purchase 1 unit for Each Sensor you wish to detect I.E.  60ft-660ft-Finish x L-R Side of track.

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